2022 Newsletters | Fourth Quarter

Under the guidance of our Director, Professor Jennifer Whyte, Advisory Board and Internal Management Group – engagement continues to grow through research, events and industry dialogue as we seek to become the ‘go-to’ place for advice on how to set up and execute projects.

Dr Marzena Baker receives JCEM Best Paper Award

Dr Marzena Baker and her co-authors have received the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 2022 Best Paper Award for their publication “Leadership Diversity and Its Influence on Equality Initiatives and Performance: Insights for Construction Management”.

Professor Stewart Clegg receives AISWN Best Paper Award

Professor Stewart Clegg and his co-authors have received the Association for Information Systems Network College Best Paper Award for their publication “Watchers, Watched, and Watching in the Digital Age: Reconceptualization of IT Monitoring as Complex Action Nets” in Organization Science Journal.

Professor Nuno Gil arrives on sabbatical

Mr Gill is a Professor of New Infrastructure Development at the University of Manchester’s Alliance Manchester Business School and will continue his research on the design of structures and processes to create economic and social value.