Mark Dodgson AO: Innovation in Professional Services Firms

The University of Queensland and Imperial College London’s Professor Mark Dodgson AO visited the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership and School of Project Management on Monday, November 14 to share his expertise on Innovation in Professional Services Firms.

The seminar discussed a study of PwC UK’s successful three-year transformational innovation program as it implemented digitally-led transformation to improve performance and better advise clients.

Professor Dodgson and his co-authors – Sheridan Ash (PwC UK), Jon Andrews (PwC UK) and Professor Nelson Phillips (University of California) – used a novel methodology of ‘cooperative inquiry’ where the two senior leaders of the transformation program were full members of the research team – drawing lessons from the case for the management of innovation in knowledge-based organizations, and the conduct of academic research of relevance to and with impact on management practice.

Their article “Managing Technology-Enabled Innovation in a Professional Services Firm: A Cooperative Case Study” was published in the December edition of the Academy of Management Discoveries journal.

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