Project Leadership for a Changing World

International Symposium: Wednesday 10 November 2021


The John Grill Institute for Project Leadership hosted an international symposium with leading researchers in the field. This symposium aimed to give a broad overview of current research in the field of project leadership and its potential impact on how projects are delivered in a changing world. It kicked off the new research directions of the Institute on project sponsorship, management and governance: project models and digital transformation, organizational dynamics of projects, and projects for sustainable, resilient and just futures.

Recordings of the 2021 Symposium will be posted shortly and we encourage you to join us at next year’s symposium. Please watch this space for updates.

The full agenda for the 2021 Symposium is found here.

Project Leadership and the Institute

Thanks to a generous donation by John Grill, the University of Sydney has a track record of research and executive education, working with project leaders in Australia and internationally. The Symposium is organized by the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership. Founded through the investment from John Grill, the Institute recognizes the significant responsibility that project leaders face, especially where projects continue to be poorly conceived and delivered, costing the taxpayer and society. The Institute provides a trusted source of independent advice on project leadership that draws on the latest evidence from leading international research and practice to provide advice on conceiving, setting up and delivering major complex projects and portfolios or programs of projects to project sponsors, project leaders and project managers across government, industry and policy. This website complements the official website above, hosting information on events, project leadership research news and project information.

Why join us at the International Symposium

The main purpose of this online symposium was to share the latest thinking on project leadership across an international research, policy and practice community. The main audience for this online symposium is our international peers; a secondary audience is the international professional bodies and key client organizations. One outcome should also be to identify and set up links with key groups around the world.

Other ways to engage

Through its flagship Executive Leadership in Major Projects Program, customized courses, and public masterclasses and events, we seek to build capacity to better understanding and practice of project leadership, building significantly on the knowledge bank generated since our start as a Centre in 2012. Join our community of researchers, public and private companies and government agencies with stakes in projects through the links above and follow us on twitter and Linkedin.