University of Sydney – IIT Madras Ignition Grant


Left to right: Dr Lara Mottee, Dr Marcello Solomon, Professor Deanna D’Alessandro, and Professor Jennifer Whyte


We are proud to share that, in collaboration with the Net Zero Initiative, we have been awarded a University of Sydney – IIT Madras Ignition Grant!

Congratulations to Dr Lara Mottee, Dr Marcello Solomon, Professor Deanna D’Alessandro and Professor Jennifer Whyte on their winning proposal titled: ‘Expanding Capabilities for the Delivery of New Energy Technologies in the building and infrastructure sector in India and Australia’.

The advent of new energy technologies in order to meet global net zero goals brings with it exciting but also challenging implications, particularly in their implementation within industries. It is evident that there is a knowledge gap in how to transition current technologies and methodologies to these novel and more sustainable options. Building upon existing collaborations in decarbonisation and large-scale project delivery, this project seeks to ascertain challenges facing the transitions to New Energy Technologies.

This grant will fund two workshops (one in Australia and one in India) aimed at identifying collaborative areas between Project Leadership and New Energy Technology, drawing from a myriad of expertise across various fields including sustainability, project leadership and decarbonisation. From these workshops, we hope to develop two thought pieces addressing the challenges of leadership in the delivery of Energy transition projects. This work will ultimately lay the groundwork for future grant applications.

Congratulations to those leading this project!