Internship Experience: Muhammad Faiz Aji Prakoso

Pictured: Muhammad Faiz Aji Prakoso Prakoso


For 8 weeks, from December 2023 to early February 2024, the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership (JGIPL) hosted Muhammad Faiz Aji Prakoso Prakoso as a research intern. Faiz comes from Indonesia, where he worked as a Product Analyst for an automotive company before deciding to move to Australia to pursue a Master of Project Management at the University of Sydney. He is currently in his third and final semester of his studies and, after wanting to garner some research experience whilst undertaking his degree, Faiz joined the JGIPL through the Faculty of Engineering’s Vacation Research Internship program.

Whilst at the Institute, Faiz worked on uncovering the challenges of digital collaboration in the design phase of a construction project by performing a literature review. He also analysed interview data from the Sydney Water Project to broaden his understanding of these challenges from a practical workplace perspective. This culmulated into a short paper that Faiz wrote and presented, detailing his research methodology and findings.

“My favourite part of the internship was doing qualitative analyses of interview data. I also did this type of analysis in my previous work, but I approached it in an unsystematic manner and learned at the JGIPL how to better comprehend, categorise, and make sense of data, even despite its scattered nature,” Faiz said.

He plans on returning to his career as a Product Analyst in Indonesia after the completion of his Master’s studies and believes that the skills that he has refined whilst at the Institute will be greatly beneficial to his work.