Systems Engineering Leadership

Workshop Announcement

The John Grill Institute for Project Leadership is delighted to offer our Systems Engineering Leadership Workshop to a selected group of project leaders and practitioners to learn the fundamentals of systems thinking and systems engineering and appreciate the role of technical leadership in systems engineering.  

In this course you will explore how systems engineering is critically important and operates in the delivery of built infrastructure, with reference to local and international practical case studies and the ICE reports. The course will unpack how multiple infrastructure systems interact with each other and sit within pre-existing systems, including the natural environment. 

The workshop will ask participants to consider and question how do we think holistically in terms of outcomes to ensure projects are ‘shovel worthy rather than shovel ready’? This workshop includes expert presentations and industry panels, discussion and networking opportunities, pre-course materials and further reading. 

Format: Two consecutive half days online.

Date: Please contact us for the next dates.

Cost: $700pp

For more information or to sign-up to the course above, access the eventbrite page.

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