10 November, 2021

The John Grill Institute for Project Leadership hosted an international symposium with leading researchers in the field on 10 November 2021.
This symposium gave a broad overview of current research in the field of project leadership and its potential impact on how projects are delivered in a changing world. It kicked off the new research directions of the Institute on project sponsorship, management and governance: project models and digital transformation, organizational dynamics of projects, and projects for sustainable, resilient and just futures.
The main purpose of this online symposium is to share the latest thinking on project leadership across an international research, policy and practice community. The main audience for this online symposium is our international peers; a secondary audience is the international professional bodies and key client organizations.
The Symposium covered the following topics in four sessions: Project Leadership; Insights on Project Leadership for a Changing World; Leadership and Governance; Temporary Multi-Level Organising across Portfolios, Programs and Projects. There was also a session on Research Developments.
Our speakers included John Grill, Professor Lynn Crawford, Professor Stewart Clegg, Professor Jennifer Whyte and many other distinguished international experts.