Project Leadership in a Changing World

3rd International Symposium
November 9 & 16, 2023


9 (9am AEDT) November and 16 (7pm AEDT) November 2023 (Online)

As we face a changing world it is imperative to think differently about projects and their leadership. The John Grill Institute for Project Leadership’s 2023 International Symposium on Project Leadership in a Changing World” will discuss the latest insights through a series of keynote panel sessions and paper presentations with leading researchers in the field.

Projects are a form of organising used to envisage futures – interventions into existing social, technological and natural systems. We are committed to educating and researching project leadership for a digital, net-zero future. This can be achieved by addressing challenges that span a range of industries such as software, organisational change, infrastructure and new energy.

Our series of Project Leadership in a Changing World International Symposia are designed to share the latest thinking on project leadership across an international research, policy and practice community. 

The Morning Session of our 2023 Third International Symposium on Project Leadership in a Changing World will be held on 9 November at 9am (AEDT) and the Evening Session will take place on 16 November 7pm (AEDT). You can view the agenda and speaker biographies below.


November 9 (Morning Session – 9am AEDT)
9:00am – 9:15am Morning: Introductions and Welcome ​
9:15am – 9.50am Session 1: Projects and the Energy Transition ​
9:50am –10.25am Session 2: Projects for Resilience in a Changing World 
10:25am –11:25am Research Keynotes in Brief
November 16 (Evening Session – 7pm AEDT)
7:00pm – 7:10pm Evening: Introductions and Welcome​
7:10pm – 7:50pm Session 3: How AI is Changing Project Leadership
7:50pm – 8.50pm Research Presentations 
8:50pm – 9.00pm Final Comments & Best Research Presentation Award

Call for Papers – Special Collection: Project Leadership and Society

Please click the icon on the side for more information regarding the publication. Deadline December 15, 2023.

For more details and to submit your paper to the Special Collection, please click here.