Professor Paula Jarzabkowski: Keynote speaker at the 9th International “Theory Meets Practice” Workshop

The Institute was pleased to welcome, Professor Jarzabkowski to the 9th International Megaprojects ‘Theory Meets Practice’ Workshop in early April. Professor Jarzabkowski is a Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Queensland Business School, Australia, and City, University of London, UK. The Institute was delighted to have Professor Jarzabkowski as the keynote speaker to present her insights on Disaster Insurance and Climate Adaption: Maladaptation or Resilience? Professor Jarzabkowski discussed the underlying paradoxes of insurance as a form of resilience through her study of flood risk management. Professor Jarzabkowski is a global expert in the public-private mechanisms proliferating around the world to address the insurance protection gap. We would like to thank Professor Jarzabkowski for her time and insightful contributions to the workshop.



Megaprojects, Future Making and Project Leadership in a Changing World – Delft University of Technology Seminar delivered by Professor Jennifer Whyte

Australia and the Netherlands have an extensive relationship in relation to infrastructure and project leadership, the bilateral relations between the two nations have meant the importance of strengthening the relationship with countries such as the Netherlands is more prominent than ever. We are proud to be sharing insight with a leading university in the Netherlands this month, and happy to be developing our international links.

On the 17-21 April, Professor Jennifer Whyte, will visit Delft University of Technology to present her research on innovation across megaprojects, and on future making and project leadership in a changing world. This presentation will draw on empirical studies of the megaproject ecologies in London and Sydney, and theoretical work on the American pragmatist tradition to understand future making as a form of inquiry. Professor Whyte will also discuss the many challenges that project leaders face in a changing world.