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Newsletter | May, 2023

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski: Keynote speaker at the 9th International “Theory Meets Practice” Workshop

The Institute was pleased to welcome, Professor Jarzabkowski to the 9th International Megaprojects ‘Theory Meets Practice’ Workshop in early April. Professor Jarzabkowski is a Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Queensland Business School, Australia, and City, University of London, UK. The Institute was delighted to have Professor Jarzabkowski as the keynote speaker to present her insights on Disaster Insurance and Climate Adaption: Maladaptation or Resilience? Professor Jarzabkowski discussed the underlying paradoxes of insurance as a form of resilience through her study of flood risk management. Professor Jarzabkowski is a global expert in the public-private mechanisms proliferating around the world to address the insurance protection gap. We would like to thank Professor Jarzabkowski for her time and insightful contributions to the workshop.



Megaprojects, Future Making and Project Leadership in a Changing World – Delft University of Technology Seminar delivered by Professor Jennifer Whyte

Australia and the Netherlands have an extensive relationship in relation to infrastructure and project leadership, the bilateral relations between the two nations have meant the importance of strengthening the relationship with countries such as the Netherlands is more prominent than ever. We are proud to be sharing insight with a leading university in the Netherlands this month, and happy to be developing our international links.

On the 17-21 April, Professor Jennifer Whyte, will visit Delft University of Technology to present her research on innovation across megaprojects, and on future making and project leadership in a changing world. This presentation will draw on empirical studies of the megaproject ecologies in London and Sydney, and theoretical work on the American pragmatist tradition to understand future making as a form of inquiry. Professor Whyte will also discuss the many challenges that project leaders face in a changing world.

BIM Workshop: Drivers and Processes of BIM Adoption: Lessons from Australia and South Korea


The first BIM workshop took place on 24 February and provided an opportunity to exchange ideas about how Building Information Modelling (BIM) is adopted and used in Australian contexts.

Held in partnership with Professor Ghang Lee from Yonsei University, the aim was to document and share best practices unique to both countries. Professor Jennifer Whyte provided the workshop context, while Simon Vaux from DEOS Digital outlined a short history of BIM in Australia. Workshop participants drew on their personal experiences and knowledge of BIM to contribute directly to the collaborative discussion.

Institute Director, Professor Jennifer Whyte will join Professor Ghang Lee in the second workshop “Drivers and Processes of BIM Adoption: Lessons from Australia and South Korea” on 31 May, at Yonsei University. Gathering BIM practitioners and researchers, this workshop will similarly interrogate the history, current state, and future possibilities of BIM implementation across various industries.


Call for Submissions: 2023 International Symposium

About the Theme: Project Leadership in a Changing World (2023) 

In the context of a changing world – the complexity, risk and uncertainty involved in constructing the future requires a different approach to project management purely premised on decision-making on projects and across portfolios and programs of projects. 

Organisations set-up, lead and steer projects for a variety of reasons – such as resolving strategic and tactical problems or enhancing performance. Areas such as investment decisions, goal setting, benefits realisation, stakeholder management, effective communications and digital transformation are involved in making such projects sustainable in the long term. Theoretical understanding and scholarship can support new practical insights into project leadership in a changing world.    

Papers can be related to the themes of the Institute on: 

  • Project Models and Digital Transformation 
  • Organisational Dynamics of Projects 
  • Projects for Sustainable, Resilient and Just Futures   

With a particular emphasis on the session themes for this 2023 International ‘Project Leadership in a Changing World’ Symposium:    

  • Project Teams and Project Leadership   
  • Collaborative Contracts, Project Governance and Set-Up 
  • Project Analytics in a Changing World   
  • Achieving Net Zero: Projects as Interventions   

There will be a Best Research Presentation Award. The Symposium will take place 9 November at 9am (AEDT) and 16 November 7pm (AEDT) 2023. 

While the main audience for the Symposium will be the international academic research community, interested in emerging questions for scientific research and theory, we also anticipate the participation of informed and reflective practitioners. For this reason, we value research that can also address the practical implications of new theoretical work and empirical findings.   


We welcome the submission of extended abstracts (problem, methodology, results) related to, but not limited to, the following areas:   

  • Project Models and Digital Transformation 
  • Organisational Dynamics of Projects 
  • Projects for Sustainable, Resilient and Just Futures   
  • Project Teams and Project Leadership
  • Collaborative Contracts, Project Governance and Set-Up
  • Project Analytics in a Changing World
  • Achieving Net Zero: Projects as Interventions 

How to Submit: 

All submissions must be through this page:

Please provide: 

  • A cover letter (stating how the submission is related to the theme of this symposium).
  • An extended abstract (up to 1000 words – excluding references, tables, and figures) with the author names, affiliations, email addresses and then three separate sections: 
  • Problem 
  • Methodology 
  • Results 

There will beno proceedings, and no submission or registration feefor this symposium. 

Submissions to other email addresses may not be considered for this symposium. 

An international panel of judges will select the papers for presentation. The presentation will give scholars the opportunity to present their research to an international project community and receive feedback. 

If shortlisted, you will prepare a video presentation (5 to 7 minutes) to be reviewed. If your video is approved, you will proceed with the live competition for the “Best Research Presentation Award” in the symposium in November. The winner will be announced before the closure of the symposium.  A participation certificate can also be issued per request. 

Selection Criteria: 

  • The alignment of the problem with project management and leadership in a changing world 
  • Academic and practical implications 
  • The significance of results and findings 

The Selection Committee: 

  • Dr. Mehdi Rajabi Asadabadi
  • Dr. Dicle Kortantamer 
  • Dr. Juliano Denicol 
  • Dr. Natalya Sergeeva
  • Dr. Luigi Mosca

Important Dates: 

Submission due date: July 23rd, 2023.

Notification of acceptance, and instructions for presentation: September 10, 2023

Video submission of presentation for research award consideration: Sept 30, 2023.

The event: 9 November at 9am (AEDT) and 16 November 7pm (AEDT) 2023.

About Your Presentation (If Selected to Present): 

  • This venue will be online. 
  • There is no registration fee associated either with submissions or presentations.   

Further Information: 

To find out more, please visit: 

For specific questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact:
Dr Mehdi Rajabi Asadabadi or the JGIPL team at: