Social network analysis in Project management – A case study of analysing stakeholder networks


Networks evolve naturally among different relevant entities during the completion of a project. These networks can be of different types; for example, a communication network among project staff or a contact network among project stakeholders. The present literature have documented that a network analysis of such networks can provide valuable insights about the structural embeddedness of those networks that are otherwise not revealed and very crucial for the successful completion of any group effort. A network analysis can reveal, for example, the relations among actors, how actors are positions within a network and how relations are structured into overall network patterns. This article follows a case study approach to explore stakeholder networks using measures and methods of social network analysis. In doing so, it explains the social network measures and methods that have been used and reports the findings from the case study.

Potential Industry Impact
  • Benefit of social network analysis in extracting insight of collaborative efforts (stakeholder network).
Academic Impact
  • Illustrate how social network analysis can be applied in PM context.


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