9th International Megaprojects "Theory Meets Practice" Workshop


9th International Megaprojects “Theory Meets Practice” Workshop

The John Grill Institute for Project Leadership hosted the 9th International Megaprojects “Theory Meets Practice” Workshop on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 April. Over 50 invited participants from around the world attended – including global scholars and leading industry practitioners.

The event discussed how, in a world beget by grand challenges from climate change, social inequality to polarised politics and biodiversity loss, it has become increasingly difficult for infrastructure development projects to progress unless they attend to wider social and environmental concerns. Some of the debates centred on megaproject governance and societal value production, integration and adaption of megaprojects to megaprograms, collaborative practices and collaboration drivers in a competitive world. For more information on our megaprojects event please click below.

The event sparked interesting debate and has fostered ongoing dialogue amongst the academic community, as well as provided the opportunity to share new trends with industry practitioners and listen to the current concerns in the industry.


Megaprojects ‘Theory Meets Practice’ Workshop