Data-driven design under uncertainty – Grand Challenge III in the Alan Turing Institute and Lloyds Register Foundation Data Centric Engineering Programme, with a team of four postdocs working on related challenges of quantifying uncertainty, sensitivity analyses, modelling and data science. 
Virtual decision room – Part of the EPSRC funded VENTURA Project, creating new ways to visualize the systems interactions in planning infrastructure by enabling local authorities and end users to explore how housing and water systems interact through a virtual decision room. 
Construction production control room – A consortium of industry partners and universities are working together in this InnovateUK funded project to provide a control room for visualizing multiple streams of data to improve plannning on the construction site.   

Dashboard and interfaces for personal data for lifelong, lifewide learning Applicance computing for health and wellness: creating specialised IoT devices Immersive interfaces: AR, VR, Large interactive surfaces Personalisation and user modelling 

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