Celebrating 10 years

The John Grill Institute for Project Leadership will seed-fund research activity to encourage research projects on (but not limited to) the following themes and topics:

  • Project Leadership 
  • Project Models and Digital Transformation 
  • Organisation Dynamics of Projects
  • Projects for a Just and Resilient Future

The intention of the call is to assist research interest and engagement with industry partners with a direct line to external grant application. This call is available to a team or individual with a compelling application.

This grant provides the opportunity to:

  • Produce research outputs such as papers submitted for publication, prepared conference papers 
  • Demonstrated the viability of the research idea and collaboration with intended partners
  • Present in the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership International Symposium on November 3, 2022. 
  • Prepare a 1 page industry focused insight document for dissemination through the institute knowledge bank.
  • Participate in a podcast interview about your findings.

Each seed-funded project will have a mentor from the Institute.

More information to follow.